Spring essentials


As I have not posted in a while and it is one my favourite seasons why not do an essentials post! spring is one of favourite seasons because of all the colours and happiness it’s also what I call the awkward season! I call it this because I have no idea what to wear! I mean is it cold? Is it warm? do I sneak my summer wardrobe or stick to winter? I get frustrated and go with the classic converse, jumper and leggings. I mean yeah, that’s great and all but some people are so confident with what they wear and I got a little bit jealous. So, I did some shopping and bought a load of spring clothes.

Seen as 90s fashion is back I got extremely happy when I walked into new look and saw that pretty colourful corner filled with bold, electric clothing. I got extremly happy and started to hug my friend – unfortunatly for her she was shopping with me.  I bought what I could afford – not much as I barely have any money- and I’ve been living in colours and all those pretty spring things!

One of the first things I bought was the yellow raincoat. I love this coat as its light and waterproof and is perfect for one of those ‘I don’t even know what the weather is right now’ days, which is pretty much every day in spring for me. Also, I wore this to the zoo and we went the butterfly house and oh my, I felt like snow white! so that’s another bonus if you love butterflies but they hate you.

Tops wise, i find myself going towards the extremly bright ones especially a extremly bright red one that i wear most of the tome now with some blue skinny jeans. i also like bodysuits now, i have a crushed velvet one that i wear with a pair of dungarees! Having a bright top i think evens out your outfit and looks VERY good with somthing really simple like black or blue jeans.

Speaking of which! JEANS.They are the biggest essential for spring ever! once again going towards the 90s theme- MOM JEANS! i have a nice pair of these that i got on sale and i was not sure at all! I’ve seen so many people wear them and slay like it was their job. i think i love these so much because they are loose and comfy as well as bold! when i tried these on it took me ages to decide if i liked them or not, i am so glad i got them! that being, said you can never go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans. i also really like dungarees! i feel like dungarees are the best for spring because they remind me of my early childhood and they are really happy memories. and who on earth doesn’t want to be happy !?

shoes! shoes are a biggy, it can be muddy and wired in spring so you need to find yourself the perfect shoe for you! i feel like converse is a big one , in my opinion converse is literally the best for any outfit. you can match them with jeans , playsuits and even dresses ! but recently I’ve been going for my vans, they are black and white and they go with pretty much everything. i basically wear these all the time !

accessory wise, I’m not too sure ! i don’t wear jewellery much specially when it has no meaning. if someone buys me meaningful jewellery that is special and personal then i will wear it . there are three bits of jewellery that i wear most- the pandora ring my father got me for christmas , a nomination bracelet i got on my mothers wedding day and a pretty pearly bracelet from my fathers wedding. i have been wearing sunglasses recently and i love them!! once again they are very 90s fashion.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! I know that my blog has been depressing so I thought I’d brighten it up a little! If there is anything that you guys would like me to write about or even just to talk to me that is absolutely fine! Please do spread the word about my blog It does make my happy and I’d love to hear your opinions about it!

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P.s  I know I’m standing next to an elephant and yes I was very VERY happy about it ☺️







Tests and revision

So next week is test week and I am sure that I am not the only one that hates everything to do with tests: the revision, the pressure, the test itself all of it just makes me feel anxious and worried. I’m not going to tell you I have found a solution to all of this, but what I am going to tell you is to revise. I know I should be revising now but I actually just finished all of my homework. Back to revision ,I hate it I think that a lot of people hate it as well so if you are one of those people I’ve got your back.

The following list states the things I find help me during revision:

  • Mind maps; I am a visual learner so I find mind maps so helpful especially If you use different colours for each topic, this works best with science, R.E and geography. they work with every topic really.
  • Study with friends; Okay so this one can really go two ways , you can really concentrate or you can try then get distracted by the smallest things. but when you do really concentrate it really works because one of you might be in top set science and the other in bottom set and you work together and really does help.
  • Music; Music for me really helps me concentrate. It makes me feel a lot more happier when I’m revising , and I think that if you are happier when you work it some how improves on the speed but then again this can go the other way and you get distracted and start singing into a hair brush…
  • Background noise; This just makes me feel comfortable I guess my house is quite a noisey house anyway but I like to put the T.V on and revise , I really like the big bang theory I’m actually watching now. I feel like its really funny and great background noise , but once again you can get distracted but I would definitely give it a go.
  • Tea; I really like herbal tea especially :  three mint, cleanse and night time these are all by pukka I will leave a link. I find these really soothing and comforting obviously you can’t have these in school but at home they are great. also just  a cup of English tea is great as well.

That’s it from me, hope you find these things helpful, click on the links below to find the revision goodies.

Remember always be yourself   xox










The Happiness Planner (Jan-Dec'17)









New year new things !

So I am fully aware that it isn’t really a big thing anymore that it is 2017 but for some reason I have been delaying this , don’t ask why I just have. 2017 is going to be the big year I guess, new school in September tests and I’m going to America at the end of summer ! Apparently this year could not contain enough new things , I have decided to start a blog. This is a completely new thing to me so bare with.

im not to sure what to write about but I enjoy writing so I hope I will think of something. My plans are not really plans more like fantasys , I would like to have a food page on here and maybe a photography page as well? Not to sure yet but I hope that it will please both me and you . But what I am sure of is that I’m going to be me and not pretend to be some perfect girl who has a blog .

so what do you think I should write about next ? Just remember: always be you xox